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  • Partial Payments plus-icon minus-icon

    If your ticket is greater than $50, you are eligible to make a partial payment. The minimum partial payment is $50. Partial payments will push the citizen's court date approximately 4 weeks.
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  • Receipts plus-icon minus-icon

    To view a receipt in the app: Log in to your PayIt account. From the Dashboard, click the round profile icon. Select the appropriate category. Your Info Documents Receipts FAQs / Support You will also receive an emailed receipt from admin@pay...
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  • View Ticket Details plus-icon minus-icon

    Citizens can view the following about their ticket: If the ticket is payable online. If the ticket is suspending their license. To whom the ticket was issued The ticket charge description The court date/time/room The status of the ticket    
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  • Finding a Ticket plus-icon minus-icon

    Citizens can find their citation by entering their name & date of birth, license plate number, or case/ticket number. Can't find your ticket? Name/DOB cannot be used to find a parking or traffic ticket. Use license plate + state or case/ticket nu...
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